June 18th – Groningen

“Show me all the things that I shouldn’t know”

On the 18th of June Paradigm will be transformed into a hedonistic playspace where we will dance, party and play till dawn. Unleash your inner Filthy Shades of Paradigm in an air full of love, eyecandy and techno… Everywhere you look you’ll get turned on by lovely people, remarkable performances and suggestive images.

Sexual Fantasy Dresscode for Filthy Shades of Paradigm

We expect our guests to express creativity and style in their outfits. The general rule: if you walk through the city centre in your outfit and people don’t turn their heads, our doorbitch will refuse you entrance and send you to the Paradigm dresscode team who will create that special twist.

This is a party for open minded people. Expect boys who like girls who like girls who like boys who like boys. We love people who are curious, experimental, exhibitionistic, fetish. We are very open to hetero’s, gays, lesbians, swingers, fetishists, drag queens, transgenders, genderfluids. If you wanna laugh at monkeys, if you act like a priest or behave like a macho, you’re not welcome at this party. Our only criterion is open-mindedness and adherence to the dresscode.

Unique underground location |  Old Factory Warehouse | The best of Techno | Naughty Shows | Love lounges | Baloon Bar | VJ | Free parking | Fetish modelsSecluded dark area |  Anything possible |  Nothing obliged | Age 21+